Scintillua adds dynamic Lua LPeg lexers to Scintilla. It is the quickest way to add new or customized syntax highlighting and code folding for programming languages to any Scintilla-based text editor or IDE. Scintillua was designed to be dropped into or compiled with any Scintilla environment.

Scintillua may also be used as a Lua library for obtaining syntax highlighting information of source code snippets.



Scintillua only requires Scintilla 2.25 or greater. Lua and LPeg have been pre-compiled into the external lexer and you can download their source files using the links above should you choose to compile Scintillua directly into a Scintilla-based application.

When used a Lua library, Scintillua requires Lua 5.1 or greater and LPeg 0.10.2. It does not work with later versions of LPeg yet.


Download Scintillua from the project’s download page or from these quick links:

Stable Builds

Unstable Builds

Warning: nightly builds are untested, may have bugs, and are the absolute cutting-edge versions of Scintillua. Do not use them in production, but for testing purposes only.

Installation and Usage

Scintillua comes with a manual and API documentation in the doc/ directory. They are also available online.


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There is also a mailing list.