gtDialog is a cross-platform application for creating interactive dialogs from the command line or programmatically. It is written completely in C and can display graphical dialogs using GTK+ 2.0 or terminal-based dialogs using a curses implementation like ncurses. gtDialog is based on cocoaDialog and shares many of its dialog types and arguments.

You can use gtDialog as either a standalone command-line program for shell scripts or a C library for applications in order to easily create interactive dialogs for yes/no confirmations, textual input, file selections, selection lists and more.



gtDialog only requires GTK+ version 2.16 or higher or a curses implementation and CDK.


Download gtDialog from the project’s download page or from this quick link:

If necessary, you can obtain PGP signatures from the download page along with a public key in order to verify download integrity. For example on Linux, after importing the public key via gpg --import foicica.pgp and downloading the appropriate signature, run gpg --verify [signature].

Installation and Usage

gtDialog comes with a manual in the doc/ directory. It is also available online.


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There is also a mailing list.