Re: [code] [Textadept] Issue with ~ in filenames

From: Mitchell <>
Date: Fri, 18 May 2012 07:52:59 -0400 (EDT)

On Wed, 16 May 2012, Rena wrote:

> With Textadept 5.3 on Lubuntu 12.04 AMD64, I can't save any file with
> a ~ in its name. E.g. trying to save a file:
> /home/rena/dev/lua/gbemu/~cpu-tests.txt:
> fails:
> Error: ...v/pc/src/textadept/textadept_5.3.x86_64/core/file_io.lua:227:
> /home/~cpu-tests.txt: Permission denied
> seems like TA is incorrectly treating the ~ character as an alias for
> the home directory.

Based on Steve's response that '~' is not special to Lua, can you open a
file with '~' in its name? If not, then th GTK file chooser is likely to
blame since it is doing some sort of expansion before reporting the


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