Re: [code] [textadept] Textadept 5.5 beta

From: Robert <>
Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2012 17:24:56 +0200

Hi Bill,

On Thu, Jul 5, 2012 at 4:58 PM, Bill Meahan <> wrote:
> I'm learning Lua so I can bring some Emacs-like functionality to Textadept
> like Flyspell and a few other goodies. My main use is ConTeXt and I got
> tired of the minimal support for this TeX flavor in AUCTeX. When I politely
> inquired about better ConTeXt support, I was given a very snarky and
> sarcastic answer indicating I should write the code myself. That being the
> case, Lua is somewhat similar to the languages I used to develop in for
> decades while elisp is mind-boggling and makes no sense to me.
> Textadept seems much closer to what I want than zile or zi so I don't have
> to start from scratch. SciTE has pretty good ConTeXt support but seems (to
> me) to be harder to extend and is so strictly CUA I can't add the few
> "emacsisms" I prefer to the CUA way of doing things without major effort.
> These days I write prose and do book design and typesetting, not code
> development per se and Textadept seems like the best platform to use for
> such purposes.

I did write ConTeXT with Textadept a while ago (never turned my
snippets into a proper module though, only extracted my BibTeX
code[1]) and it's definitely well suited for it.



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