Re: [code] [textadept] Textadept 6.0 beta

From: Mitchell <>
Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2012 11:21:53 -0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)


On Wed, 1 Aug 2012, Robert wrote:

> Hi Mitchell,
> great work, as usual! Do you cross-compile the OS X ncurses version?
> I get this error when trying it directly:
> scintilla/term/ScintillaTerm.cxx:287:20: error: cast from pointer to
> smaller type 'attr_t' (aka 'unsigned int') loses information
> wattr_set(win, reinterpret_cast<attr_t>(font_.GetID()),
> ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Yes I cross-compile now. Your error seems to indicate the code is
compiling for 64-bit instead 32-bit (pointers probably being size 8 while
unsigned ints are still 4). Has your CXXFLAGS been modified in any way? I
must confess I've been having trouble with type sizes in passing pointers
around on 32-bit and 64-bit arches.

> Also, with the other API changes, how about renaming WIN32 to WIN or
> WINDOWS? Now that there is a 64-bit Windows build WIN32 sounds more
> and more obsolete. According to Wikipedida [1] the official APIs
> aren't called Win32 anymore either.

I don't what what I'm going to do. The 64-bit compiler still sets the
__WIN32 flag and a lot of Lua code (including user code) relies on WIN32
being defined. There are problems with the 64-bit build anyway: the GTK
project only has 64-bit binaries for 2.22 (32-bit binaries are available
for 2.24), I cannot get the GTK WIMP theme to work on 64-bit, and LuaJIT
cannot compile. For these reasons I am not providing official 64-bit
builds even though support for compiling them are available. It will be
something to consider in the future though.


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