Re: [code] [textadept] What happened to the module function?

From: Robert <>
Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2012 23:03:49 +0200

On Sat, Aug 18, 2012 at 10:41 PM, Jason <> wrote:
> On 08/18/2012 03:27 PM, Robert wrote:
>> Textadept is compiled without Lua 5.1 compatibility enabled.
>> Robert
> I began doing that, but as I tried loading other modules (luasocket for
> instance), I ran into more problems.
> I'll probably get around to modifying everything, but I'm interested in
> why there is no Lua 5.1 compatibility.
> --

There was some discussion about this when Lua 5.2 was used in
Textadept - maybe you just found a use case for having it enabled.
Mitchell might have more to say on this...
How have you LuaSocket installed, via LuaRocks?

Otherwise, you might try the LuaJIT enabled build of Textadept (this
should still be Lua 5.1 compatible, I think, as there is LuaJIT has
only upwards compatibility for 5.2 features) or try compiling
LuaSocket for 5.2 (there seem to be unofficial ports).


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