[code] [textadept]Thanks and a suggestion

From: John Hind <john.hind.att.zen.co.uk>
Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2012 12:13:39 +0100

First many thanks for the superb Textadept. I started my career working on
VAX-VMS and have always hankered after the wonderfully programmable TPU
editor on that platform. As a big fan of Lua, it had occurred to me that I
could make a TPU clone by merging Scintilla with Lua, but of course I never
got around to it. Now you have done it for me!


I have put the OSX and Windows versions on my multi-platform USB-Drive
toolkit (Linux to follow). A couple of suggestions came out of this:


1. You should document the command-line options. I spent a lot of time
hunting around in the Lua and C code trying to find how to change the
_USERHOME global in time to catch its first use before ultimately finding
the code that revealed the command line switch.


2. It should be possible to use a multi-platform release package. Most of
the files are identical (at least between Win and OSX) so it would not bloat
things much to have all of the files on all of the platforms. The directory
structure for OSX is fixed by the .app package, but this just appears as an
ordinary directory in Windows (and presumably Linux) so those versions could
be adapted to use the OSX layout. You could even put the Windows and Linux
specific files in folders alongside the MacOS folder within the OSX app
package and a shortcut/link to the exe in the root directory. (Hint: have a
new _TAHOME global that points to "Textadept.app/Contents/Resources" and use
this when finding Lua and other platform independent files, continue to use
_HOME for the platform dependent files)


Hope this is helpful and positive, but I understand if you do not want to
take user input to the design. If you do, I may make some more suggestions,
if not I can still fork the code to my own specification, so thanks again!


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