RE: [code] [textadept]Thanks and a suggestion

From: John Hind <>
Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2012 15:08:06 +0100

Hi Mitchell,

Regarding multi-platform, one approach would be to have a multi-platform
distribution *in addition* to platform specific ones. Your build process
would be to build the multi-platform and then have a script to delete the
redundant bits to automatically prepare the platform specific builds. This
would have no disadvantages compared to present and the advantage that
multi-platform capability would be there for those that wanted it. At
present it would be impossible to merge platforms to share the same Lua
files without altering core files.

As to your point 5, I would turn it round: most applications do not share
much between different platform implementations. Since you do share so much,
why not flaunt it? I was mightily impressed when I diffed the OSX and
Windows directories and found that *all* the Lua files are identical!


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