Re: [code] question: lua + gtk

From: Gilles Grégoire <>
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2013 10:46:52 +0100

Looking at the source, the code to interact with GTK is the strict
minimum required to implement textadept. Textadept does not use a GTK

2013/1/16 Harald Lapp <>:
> hi,
> i stumbled over textadept when browsing the concept looks
> very interesting to me.
> i have a question: is it possible to write an extension in lua that can open
> up a gtk dialog window and let it "interact" with the current selected
> editor buffer? how far can i go when developing gtk dialogs ... is there a
> complete gtk "bridge" available for lua or is it limited to a few widgets?
> thanks very much!
> harald

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