[code] @Mitchell: state and further development of TextAdept

From: naquad <naquad.att.gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2013 03:13:08 +0200


From what I see TextAdept is a really good minimalist text editor with high
extensibility level, Mitchell definitely did a great job.

But what I'm interested in is what's the further planned development?

My current editor is VIM stuffed with lots of plugins, but still not being
as functional and comfortable as I would expect it to be.

So now I'm looking at TextAdept as a base for the following changes:

1. Add Python scripting support (because Python is more expressive and rich
language, no one says Lua will be dropped).
2. Tabs. I've seen authors thoughts on this, but still I think that it
won't be a bad decision to implement them.
    (Everyone have it, people use it, so why not?).
2. Even more extensibility: expose UI objects to scripts.
3. Completely extensible file browser implementation.
4. VIM mode (yes, once you get used to it you can never quit).
5. Port of Code Intelligence from Komodo Edit or similar (like the one for
Sublime Text 2: https://github.com/Kronuz/SublimeCodeIntel)
6. More pluginzzz!!! at least bare minimum: VCS/RCS integration, file
templates, ack integration/python rewrite, completion, tags,
    documentation browser and similar for programming.

For this from what I see in current source following steps should be taken:

1. Moving code base from functional to object-oriented paradigm (GObject).
2. Utilizing libpeas (with engine for lua) or moving to Gtk3 and using
GObject Introspection.
3. Implementing VIM engine (I bet it can be ported from evil (emacs) or
some another open source implementation).
4. Modifing existing Lua scripts core according to #1. Because of direct
interaction with UI components code can be simplified
    and gain more control over what's going on.

This is a very raw and high level list (such things like plugin event
system so plugins could interact and emit/receive custom events,
common settings storage, alternative dialogs, etc.. are not mentioned).

What I would like to ask is what does author think about changes described?
Maybe some of them are planned (like moving to Gtk3 and GObject)?
Or could be implemented for project (like VIM keybindings, modes and some
basic commands and tabs)?


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