Re: [code] @Mitchell: state and further development of TextAdept

From: Michael Richter <>
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2013 17:35:42 +0800

On 26 January 2013 09:13, naquad <> wrote:

> 1. Moving code base from functional to object-oriented paradigm (GObject).

Please, let's not continue evangelizing and promulgating what is probably
the industry's biggest mistake over the past two decades? Pretty please?

> 3. Implementing VIM engine (I bet it can be ported from evil (emacs) or
> some another open source implementation).

Here's a thought: if you want Vim, use Vim. Really, what's this fetish in
the industry for importing thing X wholesale into thing Y?

I like TextAdept precisely *because* it's not OOP and as a Vim user, if I
want to use Vim, I fire up Vim. I don't want Vim in every other bloody
piece of software I use!

"Perhaps people don't believe this, but throughout all of the discussions
of entering China our focus has really been what's best for the Chinese
people. It's not been about our revenue or profit or whatnot."
--Sergey Brin, demonstrating the emptiness of the "don't be evil" mantra.
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