Re: [code] Tab spacing weirdness in 6.3

From: <>
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2013 17:53:17 +0100

On Feb 06, 2013 09:31, Mitchell wrote:
> Hi,
> > To be honest I'm a little mindblown.
> > Why on earth would every theme that TA ships with set
> > buffer.tab_width = 2
> > buffer.use_tabs = false
> > buffer.tab_indents = true
> > and override whatever settings the user tries to use?
> > Why would a 'theme' interfere with editor settings at all??
> It's a compromise. init.lua cannot be executed every time a buffer is
> opened to set buffer settings. The purpose of init.lua is for user
> initialization scripts. I needed a way to have custom buffer and view
> settings that could be executed every time a buffer/view is opened and
> that's where the "theme" concept comes from. I think the manual
> documentation on Themes makes this clear, but please give feedback if it
> is not.
> Cheers,
> Mitchell

I agree with your counterargument regarding the defaults, and I agree that the documentation on Themes makes this clear.
I however do not agree that "themes" should interfere with those kind of settings.
To me the question is where to modify the "default" editor behavior (i.e. things that are not handled by a specific language module).
And the answer to that shouldn't be "themes".

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