Re: [code] Shebang typing

From: Mitchell <>
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2013 16:53:09 -0500 (Eastern Standard Time)

Hi Michael,

On Mon, 11 Feb 2013, Michael Richter wrote:

> If the shebang looks like this…
> #!/usr/bin/env <foo>
> …then using the following shebang recognizer fails:
> #<foo> <foo-lexer>

Perhaps I am missing something. In my ~/.textadept/mime_types.conf I added
the line "#foo lua" (recognize foo shebangs as Lua as a test) and then
created a /tmp/foo file whose first line is "#!/usr/bin/env foo". When I
open this file in ta, its lexer is set to 'lua' as expected.


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