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From: Michael Richter <ttmrichter.att.gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2013 15:58:09 +0800

I'd like to support vim modelines (or something similar) in textadept. A
modeline, for those not in the know, looks something like this, stuck in a
comment somewhere:

vim: ft=prolog sw=3 ts=6

This modeline, for example, tells vim that the file has a file type of
"prolog", a shift width of 3 and a tab stop of 6.

If I wanted to make a commensurate feature for textadept, how would I go
about doing this? Let's say I wanted to look for and parse something like

textadept: set_lexer=prolog tab_width=4 indent=4 use_tabs=false

It could be anywhere in the file (I'd rather not force it to be the first
line because then shebang settings could interfere) so ... where would I
hook things for this kind of functionality? (I can write the actual code
that parses and sets the exposed values easily.)

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