Re: [code] Textadept review

From: seanh <>
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2013 17:25:58 +0100

>> There's probably just a couple of things keeping me on Vim at this
>> point, first the Syntastic plugin is just really helpful for Python
>> coding, I don't think TA has anything like this
> I looked up Syntastic and it appears to be a Python syntax checker. The
> python module has this and checks syntax upon saving files.

I hadn't noticed that, thanks!

Unfortunately it doesn't seem as thorough as Syntastic at first glance.
How does it work? Syntastic runs the flake8, pyflakes and pylint syntax
checkers plus its own native one and combines the results.

If I put:

    totally invalid syntax

into a Python file and save it, then TextAdept gives me an error, but if
I do:

    foo = foo * bar

where both foo and bar are undefined, there's no error, whereas
Syntastic would give me an 'undefined name' error. There are many other
things that Syntastic finds that TA doesn't, some examples:

from foo import * (bad Python practice and also prevents syntax checkers
like Syntastic from doing their job)

Lines longer than 80 characters

Local variables that are defined but never used

Modules that are imported but never used

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