Re: [code] [textadept] [feature request] Distraction free mode

From: Klaus Borges <>
Date: Mon, 4 Mar 2013 18:21:59 -0300


Thank you, I appreciate that quick workaround. Basically the only thing
missing there is what Robert mentioned, implementing GTK's fullscreen
funtionality on TA. Usually, distraction free modes hide menubars and
statusbars, maximize the window and in a way, align a page in the center of
the screen. Key points on this kind of thing is to maximize your workspace
while maintaining it simple and clean, free of any kind of distractions.
Imagine a typewriter, if you will.


Apparently with my recent XFCE theme I haven't seen much of a problem, but
on my Windows machine it's noticeable, as you can see in the following
I hope it doesn't sound like I'm nitpicking.


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