[code] [scinterm][PATCHES] fix compilation on 64-bit

From: Robin Haberkorn <robin.haberkorn.att.googlemail.com>
Date: Sun, 17 Mar 2013 20:25:38 +0100

Hi guys!

Here's a Scinterm patch fixing compilation on certain 64-bit setups:

I did not experience this compilation error ("loss of precision") on my
older (now broken) 64-bit Ubuntu, even though sizeof(attr_t) was
probably smaller than sizeof(void *) on it as well.
So complaining about the cast could be relatively new GCC behaviour.
I'm using gcc 4.6 and I know a "loss of precision" error also occurs
with gcc 4.7 on x64-bit Linux and OS-X (llvm-gcc).

A small Makefile patch that introduces an AR variable is also attached.
I use this when cross-compiling for Mingw32 on Linux to explicitly set
the archiver to use on the make command line.

Another patch in the SciTECO repository could also be of interest for

You may ignore the part that patches Scintilla - this should probably
be done using a new Scintilla message.
But it also patches Scinterm to avoid assumptions about control
character mnemonics.
The new heuristics do not seem very straight forward but appear to work
just fine (please test).


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