[code] Make additions to the CPP module from my _USERHOME directory

From: Ryan Pusztai <rpusztai.att.gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2013 11:31:54 -0400


I am trying to make TextAdept be my main editor for C++. I wanted to
attempt to add a couple of cpp specific tools for generating makefiles and
running them.

I am having a tough time adding language specific key settings from my
_USERHOME\init.lua file. The "keys.cpp = { ci = complete_cpp }" is failing
to load with this error:
    ~/.textadept/cpp.lua:51: attempt to index field 'cpp' (a nil value)

Is this because the cpp module that ships with TA does not get loaded till
after my user specific configurations? If so, can I get around this?

I feel like I can copy the entire cpp language module, but I would like to
just add features to it and not worry about if it gets updates between
releases of TA.

Any help would be appreciated. Also if there is an existing module that
helps with making TA work with Makefiles in C++ I would love to look at the
code/write up.


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