[code] How to get GCC compiler errors to work

From: Ryan Pusztai <rpusztai.att.gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2013 15:24:30 -0400


I am trying to make the correct "error_details" for a newer version of GCC
than the default TA CPP module has. GCC added 'line column' to the error

This was easy to fix, but now my error messages from GCC don't have the
path prepended to the filename that is compiling. This causes TA to open an
empty buffer with just the name of the filename and it doesn't find the
file because it is in a sub-directory. Any thoughts into a way to solve
this. I am working with source that uses sub-directories quite a bit.

Here is my definition in the `post_init.lua` file: (Notice the extra %d+:)
    m_run.error_detail.c = {
      pattern = '^(.-):(%d+):%d+: (.+)$',
      filename = 1, line = 2, message = 3

Here is the error message I attempt to double-click on:
    ScsSpeedDistanceProcessor.cpp:14:25: fatal error: ../CudUtils.h: No
such file or directory


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