[code] [textadept] goto_line and retina displays

From: John Benediktsson <mrjbq7.att.gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 1 Apr 2013 10:00:30 -0700


We recently received a contribution[1] to the Factor programming language
that provided integration with Textadept (to be able to easily edit a
function by loading its definition into the Textadept editor).

It required manually defining a "jump-to-line" command-line argument to the
users init.lua file (to load the file containing the definition and then
configure the editor to position the cursor on the first line of its

    function my_goto_line(line)
        _G.buffer:goto_line(line - 1)
    args.register('-J', '--JUMP', 1, my_goto_line, 'Jump to line')

It would be nice if this feature (with similar or different command-line
arguments) would be added to the base editor.

Also, Textadept doesn't seem to support high-resolution "retina" displays
on OS X and looks a bit blurry on the latest Macbook Pros. I tried the
recently released 6.5 also and it is the same - wondering if you have plans
to address this.


[1] https://github.com/slavapestov/factor/pull/833
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