Re: [code] How to get GCC compiler errors to work

From: Ryan Pusztai <>
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2013 16:36:57 -0400

Hi Mitchell,

On Thu, Mar 28, 2013 at 10:05 PM, Mitchell <> wrote:

> Does it work if you comment out modules/textadept/run.lua:73?
>> ("lfs.chdir(current_dir)")
>> If so, I think the implementation needs to be tweaked to store the
>> working directory somewhere (maybe in the output or in a variable).
> Latest hg[1] stores the cwd of the most recently executed compile/run
> command so double-clicking errors for relative file paths should be more
> accurate for files that are not already open.

I installed TA 6.5 which I believe has the fix for this, but now I get this
as the error message when double-clicking on an error line.

Lines to double-clock on:

> ScsSpeedDistanceProcessor.cpp: In function ‘uint32_t
> GetTimestamp(boost::shared_ptr<mobius::StaticCyclicSequence>&, uint32_t)’:
> ScsSpeedDistanceProcessor.cpp:41:13: error: ‘Ex’ was not declared in this
> scope

TA Error message:

> ...sztai/bin/textadept_6.5.x86_64/modules/textadept/run.lua:210: attempt
> to concatenate field 'cwd' (a nil value)

After looking at the code I see that you are expecting the user to "Run" or
"Complie", but I am using make so I added my own keyboard shortcut to run

Here is the main parts from my ...cpp/post_init.lua:

local function RunMake()
> local vcs, projectroot = _M.version_control.get_vcs( buffer.filename or ""
> )
> gui.statusbar_text = ("Building %s..."):format(
> projectroot:match("[^/]+$") )
> -- Save all buffers
> io.save_all()
> local numCPUs = WIN32 and os.getenv( "NUMBER_OF_PROCESSORS" ) or io.popen(
> "nproc" ):read( "*n" )
> os.spawn( projectroot, { "make", "-j" .. numCPUs }, nil, nil, gui.print,
> gui.print )
> end
> keys.cpp.f7 = RunMake


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