[code] Customization questions and building curses version on Windows

From: LM <lmemsm.att.gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 7 May 2013 07:30:32 -0400

I've been looking for a console based editor that's customizable like
SciTE. I ran across textadept in my search. It looks very promising, but
I'm having trouble setting up the files to customize it.

I downloaded the source code and built it on Windows using mingw and msys.
I have libiconv, pdcurses, scintilla and lua (5.2) as system libraries.
Noticed it only used libiconv and pdcurses, but used its own versions of
scintilla and lua (5.1 for jit version). Hit a snag on the install. The
makefile has a ln from the binaries at /usr/local/share/textadept to
/usr/local/bin. This probably won't work right on Windows since the msys
ln program copies the files (doesn't really create a true link) and
textadept doesn't appear to work unless the support files it needs are
directly below it. Am currently running textadept-curses from

Tried to set USERHOME environment variable both in msys and from a standard
Windows command prompt. It doesn't seem to find the files in
\mingw\msys\home\lm directory. I tried putting an init.lua file and a
theme_term file at \mingw\msys\home\lm\.textadept. Doesn't seem to be
reading these files. What's the best way to add your own customizations
for key mapping and screen colors? So far, the only thing I've been able
to get working is editing keys.lua directly. Which key is the meta key on
Windows/pdcurses or does that key not work on Windows? Is there a way to
toggle line numbering on and off? Are there any additional examples of key
customization or setting up a lighter color theme for textadept curses
version? Any other good documents on how to customize textadept other than
what's at the wiki?

There is some functionality I use in SciTe and would be very curious if
textadept can mimic it, even if it needs to be written in Lua. I run
external programs (like gcc) on a file, view the stdout from it in SciTE
and can click on the error messages to bring up and jump to the file and
line where the errors occurred. I also run a diff tool on a file I'm
viewing. SciTE lets me specify another filename to compare the current
file to before it runs an external diff program. Would be curious if there
are examples for either type of functionality with textadept or how doable
this would be.

Textadept looks like a really nice editor. It's also one of the few I've
run across that appears to have very good cross-platform support. Look
forward to experimenting with it further and would appreciate any pointers
to tips and tricks on customizing and working with it. Thanks.

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