[code] help needed with textadept-ncurses

From: Simon <simonhf.att.gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 16 May 2013 17:58:17 -0700

I've just been trying it out and have some questions:

1. The home & end keys worked perfectly in one terminal but in a different
terminal then every time I pressed home or end then the text 'NUL' would
get inserted at the position of the cursor. The same terminals work
perfectly with the home and end keys in e.g. vim. How can I fix this issue
in TAN?

2. Is there a search option to list all the occurrences? I'm guessing this
will *never* happen in TAN since split editing will also *never* happen,

3. How to get command completion working in TAN?

4. How to get a flashing cursor in TAN?

5. How to get shift-home and shift-end to work in TAN?

6. Will it ever be possible to search by regular expression?

7. How is it possible to map ctrl-c and ctrl-v to shift-insert and

8. Is there an equivalent of ctrl-tab for TAN?

9. How to get help inside TAN when you forget keys? For example, I
accidently hit ctrl-r and then I couldn't figure out how to navigate back
to the file that I was editing; ctrl-tab and ctrl-b didn't work :-(

10. If I modify a buffer, hit ctrl-q, then the are-you-sure dialog pops up
instantly, but if I press esc then it takes at least a second to
disappear... why the delay?

11. What does the curses M-M key combination mean? How to press the first
'M'? It must be in the docs somewhere but I can't find it!


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