Re: [code] help needed with textadept-ncurses

From: Mitchell <>
Date: Fri, 17 May 2013 00:29:47 -0400 (EDT)

Hi Simon,

On Thu, 16 May 2013, Simon wrote:

> I've just been trying it out and have some questions:
> 1. The home & end keys worked perfectly in one terminal but in a different
> terminal then every time I pressed home or end then the text 'NUL' would
> get inserted at the position of the cursor. The same terminals work
> perfectly with the home and end keys in e.g. vim. How can I fix this issue
> in TAN?

Which terminal is it? Vim uses termcap while Textadept uses an
implementation of curses like ncurses.

> 2. Is there a search option to list all the occurrences? I'm guessing this
> will *never* happen in TAN since split editing will also *never* happen,
> right?

Not currently, but you could write such a feature. You don't need split
views for it unless you wanted to see the list and the buffer at the same

> 3. How to get command completion working in TAN?

What kind? Lua completion in the command entry works.

> 4. How to get a flashing cursor in TAN?

This should be supported by your terminal. Textadept is not responsible
for such things.

> 5. How to get shift-home and shift-end to work in TAN?

This is terminal-specific. My LXTerminal supports most Shift+key
combinations and I know xterm does too.

> 6. Will it ever be possible to search by regular expression?

There is a hack to do this:

I don't know if it will ever be supported natively though. Regex libraries
are quite big.

> 7. How is it possible to map ctrl-c and ctrl-v to shift-insert and
> ctrl-insert?

Textadept cannot read and write to the X selection.

> 8. Is there an equivalent of ctrl-tab for TAN?
> 9. How to get help inside TAN when you forget keys? For example, I
> accidently hit ctrl-r and then I couldn't figure out how to navigate back
> to the file that I was editing; ctrl-tab and ctrl-b didn't work :-(

Key binding reference is here:

The manual also states that M-S-C shows a list of commands and their key

> 10. If I modify a buffer, hit ctrl-q, then the are-you-sure dialog pops up
> instantly, but if I press esc then it takes at least a second to
> disappear... why the delay?

If you are still experiencing this in 6.6 beta, then your ncurses is
probably to blame. It may not support the ESCDELAY setting.

> 11. What does the curses M-M key combination mean? How to press the first
> 'M'? It must be in the docs somewhere but I can't find it!

M-M is Meta-M (Meta is generally the Alt key).

This may be of some help:


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