[code] [textadept] New Theme and Settings Proposal

From: Mitchell <m.att.foicica.com>
Date: Fri, 17 May 2013 01:30:32 -0400 (EDT)


I've been working on a new implementation for themes and settings and have
something workable that I'd like to share as a proposal.

Themes are now a single Lua file (e.g. light.lua). No more keeping track
of buffer.lua, lexer.lua, and view.lua files. All color and style settings
are done via buffer properties instead of the custom Lua tables in
lexer.lua. This allows themes to share Textadept's Lua state instead of
residing in a separate lexer Lua state. Here's an example:

   local buffer = buffer
   local property, property_int = buffer.property, buffer.property_int

   -- Normal colors.
   property['color.red'] = 0x4D4D99
   property['color.yellow'] = 0x4D9999
   property['color.green'] = 0x4D994D

   -- Token styles.
   property['style.nothing'] = ''
   property['style.class'] = 'fore:$(color.yellow)'
   property['style.comment'] = 'fore:$(color.grey)'
   property['style.constant'] = 'fore:$(color.red)'
   property['style.error'] = 'fore:$(color.red),italics'

   -- Caret and Selection Styles.
   buffer:set_sel_fore(true, property_int['color.light_black'])
   buffer:set_sel_back(true, property_int['color.light_grey'])

Notice that view properties have access to theme colors now. It was so
annoying matching colors in lexer.lua with view.lua...

With the previous theme implementation, any changes, however small,
required you to copy a theme to your *~/.textadept/themes/* and edit it.
We know that for Lua modules at least, a *post_init.lua* file solves this
issue. We can do something similar with themes now. Suppose I wanted to
tweak the "error" style above to make the background color red instead of
the foreground, but keep everything the same. I would create a
*~/.textadept/themes/light.lua* with this:

   buffer.property['style.error'] = 'back:$(color.red),italic'

Similarly I could tweak the default font and keep everything else the

   local style = buffer.property['style.default']
   style = style..',font:DejaVu Sans Mono,size:11'
   buffer.property['style.default'] = style

In either case, I now add the following to my *~/.textadept/init.lua*:


This will load my modified light.lua theme, not Textadept's default one.

So what about the old view.lua and buffer.lua? Are they still grouped in
with themes? No :) Textadept has a new *settings.lua* that contains all
non-color buffer properties. For example:

   -- Multiple Selection and Virtual Space
   buffer.multiple_selection = true
   buffer.additional_selection_typing = true

   -- Line Number Margin.
   local width = 4 * buffer:text_width(c.STYLE_LINENUMBER, '9')
   buffer.margin_width_n[0] = width + (not CURSES and 4 or 0)

   -- Tabs and Indentation Guides.
   -- Note: tab and indentation settings apply to individual buffers.
   buffer.tab_width = 2
   buffer.use_tabs = false
   --buffer.indent = 2
   buffer.tab_indents = true
   buffer.back_space_un_indents = true

This *settings.lua* file is run every time a new buffer or view is
created. If you have a *~/.textadept/settings.lua*, it will be run after
Textadept's, so you have the option of overwriting Textadept's defaults.

I am quite happy with cutting the legacy buffer and view settings crap out
of themes and leaving them to be just colors. Those of you that have
wanted this will be happy too I hope :) That and simpler theme
modification by using buffer properties. I'm also happy to hide the
separate lexer Lua state that causes confusion in themes and feels dirty.
Perhaps *settings.lua* is a bit mis-leading since one might want to put
module options in there (e.g. _M.textadept.editing.AUTO_PAIR), but I'm
fairly confident the manual will make things clear.

Thoughts and suggestions are very welcome.


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