Re: [code] help needed with textadept-ncurses

From: Mitchell <>
Date: Fri, 17 May 2013 17:29:18 -0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)


On Thu, 16 May 2013, Simon wrote:

> [snip]
>>> 4. How to get a flashing cursor in TAN?
>> This should be supported by your terminal. Textadept is not responsible
> for such things.
> So here's what happens: I can start a gnome terminal or SecureCRT terminal
> and the cursor is flashing. I can edit a file using vim using either
> terminal and the cursor flashes. But if I edit a file using either terminal
> and TAN then the cursor stops flashing while TAN is running. As soon as I
> exit to the terminal then the cursor starts flashing again. Are you sure
> TAN has nothing to do with the flashing?

Oh, you're right, sorry. Textadept draws its own cursor and hides the
blinking one.

>>> 6. Will it ever be possible to search by regular expression?
>> There is a hack to do this:
>> I don't know if it will ever be supported natively though. Regex
> libraries are quite big.
> Have you had a look at this?

I did just now but don't understand it nor see any links to library code.

>>> 7. How is it possible to map ctrl-c and ctrl-v to shift-insert and
>>> ctrl-insert?
>> Textadept cannot read and write to the X selection.
> And if I just want shift-insert to do the same as ctrl-v?

   keys['sins'] = buffer.paste

will probably work. ('s' for shift, 'ins' for insert)

> Thanks. I did look long and hard at that page before writing 11 :-) The
> sequence M-M uses the Meta-M but the table at the link doesn't mention
> 'meta' anything, only 'alt'. Are they the same? Also the table at the link
> shows a lower case 'm' next to 'alt' for terminal. Is M-M then same as m-M?
> Also both gnome terminal and SecureCRT don't send alt-M to the terminal
> application which makes me wonder if alt-m is the Meta-M because surely it
> would be a default key combination that works in most terminals including a
> wide-spread terminal such as gnome terminal. So I still don't understand
> how to press M-M. Are you suggesting that I fiddle with gnome terminal or
> SecureCRT to get them to send alt-m to the application running in the
> terminal? How can I determine definitively what the meta key is?

I'm unfamiliar with console programming so I admit I don't even know what
really constitutes a "meta" key. Sometimes Alt works, sometimes Escape
works. It's kind of a crapshoot I think.

> New question :-)
> 12. Although TAN doesn't have a split screen itself, would it be possible
> to somehow get it to play nicely with e.g. tmux so that e.g. 10 files open
> would be 10 different instances of TAN in 10 different tmux windows? How to
> get TAN's open command to create a new tmux window with a new instance of
> TAN automatically, and get the name of the window to be the name of the
> file edited? I guess TAN's own copy and paste will not work between the
> different TAN instances, or? How to get around this? Would it be easier to
> make separate TAN processes do IPC rather than implement window splitting
> in TAN?

Textadept cannot open new files in new instances unfortunately, GUI or


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