Re: [code][textadept] Feature requests

From: Robert <>
Date: Mon, 20 May 2013 20:22:17 +0200

Hi Bill,

thanks for sharing the ConTeXt module, I once had a module with a few
ConTeXt snippets but never managed to release anything proper. May I
suggest putting it on the Wiki or some other site with easier access?
Others might like it too.
The typographic snippets are also very useful, they could also be set
as general snippets since they can be used in HTML or other languages
as well. They came out wrong (just dots and regular dashes, though
Textadept can display them fine if I paste them), but this might have
been an issue of my mail client.

On Mon, May 20, 2013 at 7:36 PM, Bill Meahan
<> wrote:
> * A wrap-text (fill paragraph in emacs) function that respects indentation
> and has a user-specified wrap column.
> I've seen the function on the wiki but it won't work with "recent"
> versions. Such a functionality really belongs in the editor itself as most
> other editors provide it.
> NOTE: I don't mean :wrap at edge of screen, I mean "hard wraps" at the
> column I've specified in the options.

I'd like to see that, too, but I'm not sure if this is 'core' text
editor functionality. Do you know an editor that get's that right (or
know an algorithm?) How does TeX do it?

> * An integrated real-time spellchecker.
> Should be self-evident. :)

There has been discussion about this in a thread two years ago:
This and the luaspell library might be a starting point. As far as I
know nobody has been working on it. Would definitely nice to have!

> * A tab bar
> Having a tab bar provides an instantly-visible display of which files
> are open. No need to even hit a key to bring up a list in a separate dialog
> box or tab through the buffers to see what's open to start editing that
> file. Emacsish buffer lists were a good solution in the 1970's when
> interaction with computers was via terminal and slow dial-up lines. It's an
> anachronism in 2013 when all but a few interactions are via the graphics
> card and keyboard/touchscreen of the local device. Remote access, where it's
> used, is almost always over a fast network connection not a 110 baud dial-up
> or 75 baud RTTY Do what others do and make display of the tab bar optional
> and leave it out of the curses version entirely if you must..
This request comes up every know and then, but I doubt that
considerations of network speed might change Mitchell's mind :-)
The slow dial-up lines of the 70's may be (mostly) gone, but now we
have flaky mobile connections and tiny screens...
The main problem is that tabs don't align well with split views and
having buffers "open" in all views.


> For anybody who's interested:
> Attached is my "enhanced" context module from
> ${HOME}/.textadept/modules/context. Many more useful snippets are on my list
> of future projects.
> --
> Bill Meahan
> Westland, Michigan USA

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