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From: LM <lmemsm.att.gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 23 May 2013 08:07:19 -0400

Bill wrote:

> An integrated real-time spellchecker.
> Should be self-evident. :)

It's not fancy, but I have a way to do spell-checking that works through
most programming editors. It was the reason I was previously asking
whether textadept could work with gnu compiler style errors. I made
modifications to hunspell to output errors in a format similar to the gnu
compiler error format. Sent the patch in to the hunspell developers and it
was added into hunspell. All one needs to do to get output in a format
similar to the gnu compiler error format is run hunspell with the u3
option. For instance, I use something like this in my SciTEUser.properties

command.build.$(file.patterns.text)=$(SciteUserHome)/hunspell -d
$(SciteUserHome)/en_US -u3 "$(FilePath)"
command.build.*.html;*.htm=$(SciteUserHome)/hunspell -d
$(SciteUserHome)/en_US -H -u3 "$(FilePath)"

One can then use the error log to jump to the lines where the spelling
errors occurred.

I originally wrote code to do this with aspell, but it needed a separate
program based on the aspell library (wouldn't integrate with the
spell-checker like hunspell does). Plus, I needed patches just to get
aspell to build on Windows. When I sent the patches in to the developer,
his official stance was not to support the Windows platform.
Cross-platform support is very important to me, so I've switched to only
using hunspell. I did send the Geanie developers information on what I did
with aspell (before I found out about the lack of platform support) and
they incorporated some of what I did in their own program, but added the
ability to highlight the errors.

Some other techniques I find useful with SciTe that I'm hoping to also use
with textadept are the ability to do a diff between a file currently open
in the editor and a second file and the ability to ftp (upload and
download) web pages open in the editor. If anyone's curious, I have more
information on some of the techniques I use to integrate functionality like
that with SciTE here: http://www.distasis.com/cpp/scitetip.htm I'm hoping
to eventually come up with a similar list of customizations for textadept.
I just need the time to familiarize myself with it.


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