[code] [textadept] Textadept 7.0 alpha

From: Mitchell <m.att.foicica.com>
Date: Fri, 31 May 2013 21:53:40 -0400 (EDT)


Textadept 7.0 alpha is released from the *temporary site*

(Since both 6.6 and 7.0 alpha are available today I want to minimize
confusion. The next release will be at the usual URL.)

Textadept 7 introduces API changes and a completely new theme

There is a migration guide at:

Please note the migration guide lists some API changes from 6.6 beta; not
all of them are new.


   * None.


   * Completely new theme implementation.
   * New *properties.lua* for custom buffer and view properties.
   * Updated to Scintilla 3.3.3.

Despite the alpha, Textadept shouldn't crash since it ignores your
existing themes in *~/.textadept/*. It just might look ugly until you
complete your migration.


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