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From: Robert <rob.g.att.web.de>
Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2013 15:08:52 +0200


I like the new theming style and the string-based formatting is easy
to get adjusted to.
Some things I noticed:

* I don't think it makes much sense to have set_theme show a list of
themes if used interactively, I used to use this feature (and was pro
keeping it when you asked about it recently) but without the selection
persisting, it doesn't feel quite right. Maybe someone writes a tool
to create such a selection and change the value in `init.lua` but this
probably doesn't belong in Textadept core. Without persistence people
will certainly complain about it...
Also it's quite simple to edit `init.lua` and try out a new theme with
a call to `reset`.

* What do you think about having a font adjusting API like

set_theme(theme, font, fontsize) e.g.

set_theme('darker', 'Monaco', 12)

The last two options would be optional and would otherwise be set to
the values now present in each theme.

* There are a few occasions of named colors in a few lexers:
36: {'addition', 'fore:$(color.green)'},
37: {'deletion', 'fore:$(color.red)'},
38: {'change', 'fore:$(color.yellow)'},

151: {'traits', 'fore:$(color.yellow)'},

433:-- local style = l.STYLE_WHITESPACE..',back:$(color.grey)'

100:local hstyle = 'fore:$(color.red)'
109: {'hr', 'back:$(color.black),eolfilled'},

I don't have these in the themes I posted the other day, they are just
called color.base01 etc. - I could change the color names though, but
in the green theme there is no red :-). Would you accept a patch that
changed the style in these lexers to styles that have the appropriate
colors in the default dark/light themes?


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