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From: Mitchell <m.att.foicica.com>
Date: Sun, 8 Sep 2013 23:39:26 -0400 (EDT)


I pushed a large set of changes that are hopefully the last of the big API
changes in Textadept 7. The migration guide[1] in the Appendix outlines
them in an easy-to-read format.

The biggest changes are:

   * Renamed `_M.textadept` module to `textadept`.
   * Renamed `gui` to `ui` (makes more sense since curses has no GUI).
   * `_SCINTILLA.constants` _copied_ into `buffer`, not moved.

`_M` is now designated as the container for loaded language modules. From
the migration guide:

"Prior to Textadept 7, the `_M` table held all loaded modules (regardless
of whether they were generic modules or language modules) and Textadept
encouraged users to load custom modules into `_M` even though Lua has no
such restriction. The `_M` prefix no longer makes much sense for generic
modules like `textadept`, so only language modules are automatically
loaded into `_M`. Textadept 7 does not encourage any prefix for custom,
generic modules; the user is free to choose."

A simple search and replace for `_M.textadept` with `textadept` in your
user *init.lua*, key bindings, etc. shouldn't have any negative
consequences. Search and replace `gui.` with `ui.` should also work.
That's what I did in my custom scripts and ta's internals.

The 3rd beta will go out this week on the 11th.


[1]: http://foicica.com/hg/textadept/file/31c5afba598f/doc/14_Appendix.md#l151

P.S. There is a good reason for all the API changes and general cleanup!
You'll see :)

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