[code] I just can't seem to find the pattern...

From: Michael Richter <ttmrichter.att.gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2013 09:46:37 +0800

...that allows me to pre-pend characters on each line.

My use case is wanting to comment out blocks of text in a language which
doesn't have block comments (rendering *Edit → Toggle Block
Comment*unusable). But... I can't seem to find a way to specify a
pattern that
claims a single line. ^.*$ selects all text from the current insertion
point forward. ^.*\n selects ... something that's hard to describe.
Suffice to say that it doesn't do the trick either. I just can't seem to
find a pattern that will select the next *line* of text for replacing with
that same line prepended with the line comment.

What is the best way to comment out blocks of lines when you don't have
block comments?

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