Re: [code] [textadept] Migration Help

From: Robert Gieseke <>
Date: Thu, 03 Oct 2013 09:39:14 +0200

Hi Ryan,

Am 10/2/13 10:24 PM, schrieb Ryan Pusztai:
>> As for the modules I maintain, I have not updated all of them yet -- so
>> ping me here or create an issue on GitHub (pull requests also welcome) if
>> you have problems with any of them.
> I have fixed most of the Common, go, markdown and coffeescript modules. I
> have attached patches for each. I did not include common/display_name.lua
> because we diverged and I think it would be hard for you to merge my
> changes. You can look at all my changes to Common here [1]

thanks a lot! It might not be able to merge them today (it's a holiday
here) and I'll have to check any possibly uncommitted changes I did
myself :-)

> Also I am not having much luck with the common/highlight.lua module. It
> works great after I open TA and call reset(), but the initial "workings"
> seem to not handle the margin width correct and the color is not correct. I
> am using the "dark" theme that ships with TA and it looks like it is using
> the default color scheme until I call reset(). Thoughts?

I have it wrapped in an event handler to be loaded after
'initialization' like this:

events.connect(events.INITIALIZED, function()
   require 'textredux.hijack'
   common = require 'common'

I'll add a note the Reademe/docs about this.


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