RE: [code] [textadept] Textadept 7.0 - Large File Performance

From: John Hind <>
Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2013 16:05:53 -0000

Hi Mitchell,

I decided to give Text Adept 7 a try (after giving up on 6 due to poor large
file performance and the absence of tabs). When I first started 7 I was
faced with an empty window frame and a wait animation for literally minutes
- easily long enough for the "Not Responding" notation to appear in the
title bar. On investigation I found it was remembering the large
HTML/Javascript file I had used to test 6 several months ago plus the cursor
position towards the end of this file. I deleted my old ".textadept" folder
and loading was then instant. It also displays the beginning of the same
test file very quickly, but when I try to move to the end of the file it
again takes coffee break time.

I conclude TextAdept is slow at syntax highlighting and that it always has
to analyse the file from the beginning up to the end of the visual window
before displaying anything. Other editors I've tried (such as SublimeText,
the editor in Visual Studio and even basic SciTe - so the problem is not
Scintilla) manage to load this same test file very quickly, even with full
syntax highlighting, and to very quickly move to the end of the file. The
JIT TextAdept is a little faster, but still not usable.

Is it not possible to do the syntax analysis on another thread so it can be
done in the background without locking up the UI thread? Or even if it is
not fixable, make an estimate of how long analysis is going to take and
switch off highlighting for files that are too big to do in reasonable time?

I'd very much like to standardise on TextAdept and recommend it because I
really love the Lua language, but it is impossible due to this really
pathologically bad performance on large files.

- John

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