Re: [code] Weirdness with external libraries and Textadept 7.0

From: Gilles Grégoire <>
Date: Thu, 7 Nov 2013 09:18:36 +0100

For json support, the best library I found is dkjson. You can find it here:

It's a lua only module, making it easy to integrate. And if Lpeg is
available, it is also fast, but Lpeg is not required.

-- Gilles

2013/11/7 Michael Richter <>

> I'm trying to expand my pastes.lua file to support other pastebin sites.
> Unfortunately many of these sites use JSON in their APIs. (
> for example.) I've tried to get any number of JSON
> libraries for Lua working with Textadept 7.0 and I'm getting nowhere fast,
> to wit:
> 1. lua-json has, in one single, solitary file, a "module" statement
> that's making Textadept throw its hands up in disgust and give up on
> actually working.
> 2. lua-cjson, when its .so file is where Textadept looks for it, won't
> work because it can't find lua_pcall (!) which is a particularly odd error
> given that lua_pcall is a standard Lua API call.
> I'm kind of at a loss here. How does one go about getting either of these
> (or any other JSON library people may know about) working with Textadept?
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