Re: [code] Weirdness with external libraries and Textadept 7.0

From: Robert Gieseke <>
Date: Thu, 07 Nov 2013 09:24:06 +0100

Am 11/7/13, 9:05 AM, schrieb Michael Richter:
> I'm trying to expand my pastes.lua file to support other pastebin sites.
> Unfortunately many of these sites use JSON in their APIs.
> (gist.github.comfor example.) I've tried to get any number of JSON
> libraries for Lua
> working with Textadept 7.0 and I'm getting nowhere fast, to wit:
> 1. lua-json has, in one single, solitary file, a "module" statement
> that's making Textadept throw its hands up in disgust and give up on
> actually working.

Textadept uses Lua 5.2 and is not compiled with backwards compatibility
options. You could certainly update the module by removing the module
statement adding
M = {}
at the top of the file
return M
at the bottom and pre-fixing all functions that need to be exported with
M., e.g.
function M.encode

There might be other incompatibilites (have a link for the JSON module
you're using?), but this might be enough to get this working.

> 2. lua-cjson, when its .so file is where Textadept looks for it, won't
> work because it can't find lua_pcall (!) which is a particularly odd error
> given that lua_pcall is a standard Lua API call.
This is likely the same reason. You could try a 5.2 build if you find one.

> I'm kind of at a loss here. How does one go about getting either of these
> (or any other JSON library people may know about) working with Textadept?

The just linked dkjson library has 5.2 mentioned so it should work, but
this might be helpful for you if you want to use other libraries.


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