Re: [code] Troubles with buffer properties and intellisense

From: Robert Gieseke <>
Date: Sun, 10 Nov 2013 10:13:12 +0100

Am 11/10/13, 9:54 AM, schrieb Rena:
> Since moving to 7.0 I've been having a problem with setting buffer
> properties in init.lua.
> My init.lua is here:

I noted a reference to `gui.print` there. That should be `ui.print` now
but I think this it not necessary anymore. I experimented with something
similar recently, showing error messages in a textbox:

local function error_message(msg)
   ui.dialogs.textbox{title='Error', text=msg, width=800}
   return true
events.connect(events.ERROR, error_message, 1)

> The buiffer properties all seem to work (tab width, edge colour, etc are
> set), but when I split my view, they all revert to default (tab width
> changes, edge highlighting disappears).

Buffer and view properties are now automatically loaded from a
`.textadept/properties.lua` file[1]. You could put all settings into
`.textadept/properties.lua`. This file is processed for new buffers and
new views (your settings are at the moment only connected to the new
buffer event).

> Also, intellisense doesn't seem to work. When I put the caret in a Lua
> keyword like tostring and press Ctrl+I, the popup only says "Lexer Lua;
> Style function (12)". In 6.x it would give info about the function from the
> Lua manual.

That should be `Ctrl+H` (Meta+H in Curses) now. You can change this like

keys[not CURSES and 'ci' or 'mi'] = textadept.adeptsense.show_apidoc



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