[code] DCD 0.2.0 is released

From: Brian Schott <briancschott.att.gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2013 01:52:46 -0800

Copy/paste from the D forums:

DCD 0.2.0 is released.

Github Project: https://github.com/Hackerpilot/DCD
Release Tag: https://github.com/Hackerpilot/DCD/tree/0.2.0

The D Completion Daemon is an auto-complete system for the D
programming language that is not tied to any specific text editor
or IDE. Modules exist for Textadept, Vim, Kate, Emacs, and Zeus.

The 0.2.0 release closes 28 issues, which you can browse here:
The highlights of this release are improved speed, reduced memory
consumption, and the ability to get the location of the
declaration of a symbol at the cursor location.

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