[code] [scintillua] Scintillua 3.3.7-1

From: Mitchell <m.att.foicica.com>
Date: Sat, 21 Dec 2013 11:50:02 -0500 (EST)


Scintillua 3.3.7-1 is released from http://foicica.com/scintillua

Scintillua 3.3.7-1 is a major change from 3.3.2-1. It has a completely new
theme implementation and many lexer structure and API changes. Custom
lexers and themes will need to be updated.

Note to Textadept users: this release does not affect you, your lexers, or
or your themes. It is a "catch up" release based on all the changes made
for Textadept 7.


   * Ensure the default style is not considered a whitespace style in
     multi-language lexers.
   * Fixed occasional crash when getting the lexer name in a multi-language
   * Disable folding when `fold` property is `0`.
   * HTML and XML lexers maintain their states better.
   * Fixed slowdown in processing long lines for folding.
   * Fixed slowdown with large HTML files.


   * Completely new theme implementation; removed `lexer.style()` and
     `lexer.color()` functions.
   * Changed `lexer._tokenstyles` to be a map instead of a list.
   * Changed `lexer.get_fold_level()`, `lexer.get_indent_amount()`,
     `lexer.get_property()`, and `lexer.get_style_at()` functions to be
     `lexer.fold_level`, `lexer.indent_amount`, `lexer.property`, and
     `lexer.style_at` tables, respectively.
   * Added `lexer.property_int` and `lexer.property_expanded` tables.
   * Changed API for `lexer.delimited_range()` and `lexer.nested_pair()`.
   * Only enable `fold.by.indentation` property by default in
     whitespace-significant languages.
   * Updated D lexer.
   * Added Nimrod lexer.
   * Added additional parameter to `lexer.load()` to allow child lexers to
     be embedded multiple times with different start/end tokens.
   * Lexers do not need an "any_char" rule anymore; it is included by
   * Child lexers do not need an explicit `M._lexer = parent` declaration
     anymore; it is done automatically.
   * Added NASM Assembly lexer.
   * Separated C/C++ lexer into ANSI C and C++ lexers.
   * Added Dart lexer.
   * Renamed "hypertext" and "Io" lexers to "html" and "io_lang"


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