[code] [textadept] open file and latex lexer

From: Olivier Guibé <Olivier.Guibe.att.univ-rouen.fr>
Date: Thu, 2 Jan 2014 23:20:21 +0100


First, I would like to thank Mitchell and all the
contributors for Textadept. The overview is right
"fast, minimalist and remarkably extensible".

I use very often LaTeX, so I tried compilation in Textadept
menu. Editing a standalone LaTeX file (with error), compiling
and clicking on the error in the message's buffer (or c+a+e)
opens a new buffer for my LaTeX file.
It seems that textadept considers that ~/filename and
~/./filename are different and then opens twice the file
(it is possible to open another with ~/Documents/../filename).
I made the test in a terminal. I precise that my system
is Debian Sid 64 bits, and that Textadept 7.1 or 7.2alpha
have the same behavior.

As far as the LaTeX lexer is concerned, \begin {environment}
is not recognized due to the space between "\begin" and "{environment}".
It is not recommended but LaTeX compilation is OK.
Please find a modified version of latex.lua lexer which takes
into account this possibility.
Another remark is that folding sub-math environment like
\begin{split}\end{split} is possible while folding math environment
is not set. It is not very important.
I tried also to "recognize" $...$ group but my lua and programming knowledge
is not sufficient : it needs more than the very simple use of lpeg.{P,S,R}



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