Re: [code] Console windows appear when saving a file

From: Arnel Legaspi <>
Date: Fri, 03 Jan 2014 12:12:44 +0800

On 1/3/2014 3:00 AM, wrote:
> Which kinds of files are you editing when this happens? Python? Ruby? Some
> language modules perform a syntax check when saving. This may trigger the
> black box on Windows machines. Look in Textadept's modules directory to
> find the module in question, open its `init.lua` file, and remove the
> connection to the `events.FILE_AFTER_SAVE` event.

Thanks for the prompt reply, Mitchell. It's mostly Python.

I looked at the file you mentioned, and it looks like I shouldn't remove
that connection. A (probably) better way is to look for a way to
incorporate Python linters like flake8 & pep8 into TA usage, at least in
the form of an extension.

I'll take a look at the 7.2 alpha build as well and see.


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