Re: [code] [textadept] open file and latex lexer

From: Olivier Guibé <>
Date: Sun, 5 Jan 2014 15:29:26 +0100

Hi Mitchell

>If you send the build log I can try to troubleshoot this. However,
>for the changes I made, you can simply drop the .lua files as you
>noted. No re-compile is necessary.
Everything is ok. In fact I mixed instructions from the wiki
(and then some manual commands) and "make deps" so that I had a problem
with Catalog.cxx which was not patched.
I started again from scratch : OK (included curse version)

>>For the latex lexer, it needs some work to obtain something similar
>>to another editor.
>Unfortunately, I am not familiar enough with latex to do this.
In my case, I am not familiar with lua and in general with programming
more than 5 lines in any language :)
Of course I understand that supporting {La}TeX à-la-Auctex is not
your goal.
I read some of the lexers.lua to try to understand. For example
I do not understand some P(function(input,index) as in tcl.lua
local comment = token(l.COMMENT, '#' * P(function(input, index)
   local i = index - 2
   while i > 0 and input:find('^[ \t]', i) do i = i - 1 end
   if i < 1 or input:find('^[\r\n;]', i) then return index end
   end) * l.nonnewline^0)

LaTeX lexer is not the most important for my everyday LaTeX use.
More important things are
- shortcut latex command : I can do it with keychains
- add another snippet : I can do it
- master file, tex engine : more difficult, it is possible to mimic Texworks
or auctex variables.
- pdf viewer with forward/backward synctex synchronisation
  : more difficult, but python scripts exist for evince / synctex synchronisation
  or using okular
- spellcheker (very important) : I see on the previous mailing list textadept google group!topic/textadept/a_F99FrMBL0
which uses luaspell and hunspell



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