Re: [code] The bike shed should be red because red is faster.

From: Ingo Lindholm <ingo.att.Lindholm.DE>
Date: Mon, 6 Jan 2014 20:39:01 +0100

On 06Jan2014 10h25, Michael Richter wrote:
> Could we have textadept look for its scripts, etc. in the following order?
> - ~/.config/textadept
> - ~/.textadept # for legacy support

Hello Michael,

with the --userhome option, you could use a personal alias like

   alias ta7="textadept -u ~/.config/textadept"

Or create a wrapper script with

   test -d ~/.config/textadept \
   && exec textadept -u ~/.config/textadept "$@" \
   || exec textadept "$@"

This snippet is attached.


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