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From: Martin \ <et.code.att.ethome.sk>
Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2014 15:14:02 +0100


I like textadept. I was using it ocassionally on/off for several years.

Main problem I have had, is extremly slow redraw on linux (for years) on
older ati cards, and this happens only with open source radeon driver.

However all scintilla based editors on linux have that behaviour:
scite, geany, code blocks and bunch of others too.

QtScintilla stuff is however *not* affected so I blame gtk.

I tried contacting radeon devs on irc and scintilla ones as well
but nobody seems to care. So if there is anybody knowledgeable about
the gfx stack willing to look at that please do.

Recently I got new notebook with nvidia card and decided give TA
another try. So far I am very happy: with luajit the thing flies.

However another annoyance popped up: I am heavy menu_key user.
That is the key usually between right Super(Win) and right Ctrl keys.
It is meant to be used for invoking context menu.

With bit of playing around with xev and textadept core I got
it to register with editor, however I am clueless on how to
popup context menu programatically. There seem to be no such function in

Also on linux, I found most GUI editors suck at providing proper
support for this often underused key (ctx.menu invoked from
keyboard pops at most unexpected location and not at cursor position).

I would love to get this working under textadept at least, with popup
menu appearing relative to caret.

Any hints please?

---- Addition I made to: /usr/share/textadept/core/keys.lua ----

  [0xFFEC] = 'menu',

I can bind actions like open dialog this way, but i can't figure how to
pop ctx. menu.


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