[code][textadept] Error in dialogs.inputbox

From: Richard Philips <richard.philips.att.gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2014 16:39:49 +0100

Hi Mitchell,

ui.dialogs.inputbox has some errors in an edge case:

Please, fill in the field:


informative_text = {'Please, fill in the field:', 'Name:'}
text = {''}

options = {}
options['text'] = text
options['informative_text'] = info_text
options['title'] = 'Title'

local x, text = ui.dialogs.inputbox(options)

(1) the display is not right: 'Name:' is not shown.

(2) the return value for the field is missing

I am aware that I can get it right if I do not use multiple fields
(afterall there is only one field)

But in my application, the relevant tables are built programmatically.


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