[code] [textadept] A somewhat private mail

From: Richard Philips <richard.philips.att.gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 13 Apr 2014 11:36:52 -0400

Hello Mitchell,

I thought it would be polite to let you know what I am doing right know.

A few weeks back I promised to look into making my code about
spell-checking available to the Textadept users.

The main problem was (and is) that I do all my work on Ubuntu and barely
know my way around on Windows anymore.

I have now a machine with a distribution of OSX, Ubuntu and Windows7
available and started to work on making Hunspell based spellchecking
available on Windows7.

There are several things to do:

- producing Hunspell libraries (*.dll) on windows (that work is done)
- constructing a Lua file which contains all kind of setup information
(e.g. where can I find the dictionaries) (work is done)
- re-factoring my code so that it can be used in a different environment
besides my own (work in progress)

I built, based on textadept, an IDE to be used at work (for about 10
developers). I think I strike the right balance between sophistication and
yet primitive enough so that people still know what they are doing.

Starting May, I start educating 6 young developers on our software. I will
advice (perhaps to weak a word :-) to use textadept with my add-ons. These
guys belong to a new spin-off for commercializing our library software and
I will strongly advice them that they should buy the Textadept Quick

I am also building 2 libraries to use with Textadept (and Lua):

- a Unicode library: Textadept is working with Unicode but the API is very
much directed towards UTF-8 (as it should be) but this make it often quite
inconvenient to write higher level functionality. In a non-English
environment, optimal working with Unicode makes the difference between

- a good practices library: I perused the Textadept code that often that I
know now quite a lot of good techniques from your code. If I look at my
first Lua code, I often am somewhat ashamed :-). I'm starting to gather
these code snippets in functions so that they are consistently be used in
my code. These are simple things (like splitting a chunk of text in a table
of lines), but not so simple to do it right.

So, that's it for today,


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