Re: [code] io.snapopen() not working in Textadept 7.2

From: Ryan Pusztai <>
Date: Tue, 6 May 2014 14:28:27 -0400

On Tue, May 6, 2014 at 8:14 AM, Mitchell <> wrote:

> Hi Ryan,
> On Mon, 5 May 2014, Ryan Pusztai wrote:
> Hi,
>> I am not able to use
>> `io.snapopen( nil, nil, nil, { title = "Open Current Project", width =
>> ui.size[1] - 100 } )`
>> in the latest version. I tried to debug it and the logic seems good, but
>> "paths" is not getting set. It is always nil even after you set it to
>> "io.get_project_root()". I can't figure out why.
>> I change the code from:
>> if not paths then paths = io.get_project_root() end
>> to:
>> local paths = paths or io.get_project_root()
>> and it works. Can anyone explain why paths is not able to be set? And if I
>> am using io.snapopen() wrong or is this a bug in Textadept?
> If you're on Linux or Mac OSX, you can call `_G.print()` from within
> `io.snapopen()` to inspect the arguments passed in order to fully
> understand what is going on; I'm not sure what is wrong.

Yes I am doing that. I put a print() before and directly after the `if not
paths then paths = io.get_project_root() end` and 'paths' is still nil. It
is really crazy. I am using TA 7.2 amd64 Ubuntu 13.10 amd64. It seems like
an _ENV issue or a global named "paths" or something. Have you checked it
on your box?

As a follow up to the question in your subsequent e-mail, if you call
> `io.snapopen()` with a `nil` first argument, the current buffer's filename
> or the current directory MUST be under version control, else
> `io.get_project_root()` will return `nil`. The documentation is accurate.

Ok. I was not sure which part was accurate, because the parameter docs talk
about it using the buffers.filename path or the current working directory
and so I thought maybe it just passed it through.

> I hope this makes more sense now.


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