Re: [code] C++ Support

From: Robert Gieseke <>
Date: Tue, 03 Jun 2014 11:53:45 +0200


>> P.S. I would like to create api files for some big libraries (e.g.
>> Boost,
>>> wxWidgets) I use, but I could not figure out how to generate the
>>> api files using ctags. Can you give me any pointers. I saw you
>>> generate some, but it looks like you used Lua to write the parser
>>> and C++ is a bit too complicated to get correct when ctags is
>>> arround. I hope this makes sense.
>> ctags cannot generate api files. I believe I produced the ANSI C
>> module's C and Lua api files by hand. The Lua module's api file is
>> generated by the LuaDoc tool, which specializes in parsing
>> documentation out of Lua source files. In your case you'd need a
>> tool to parse out Boost/wxWidgets documentation into the API file
>> format.
> O...K... :) -- Regards, Ryan

there is also some C++-auto-completion code on the Wiki[1], which might
be useful as is or used to creates API files.



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