Re: [code] textadept indent to correct level

From: Robert Gieseke <>
Date: Sun, 08 Jun 2014 10:28:09 +0200


Am 07/06/14 23:22, schrieb Joseph McDonald:
> trying to get my favorite emacs functionality into textadept:
> One of my most used functions is to hit TAB on any line, *anywhere* in
> the line, and that line is then correctly indented. If there is a
> syntax error above the current line, then the line is indented
> incorrectly which alerts you to fix the code above.
> In languages with significant whitespace, hitting tab cycles between
> valid positions for the current line (again, hitting tab anywhere in the
> line, even in the middle of a word)
> I also have a key bound to indent the entire buffer correctly.
> is this possible to do in textadept?

Surely possible, but as far as I know nobody has written a functionality
like this for Textadept yet and Emacs needs rules for indenting in major
modes etc. I think

> also, how do I bind a key to "reset" to reload my init.lua and all modules?

E.g. for 'F9', in your 'init.lua':

keys.f9 = reset


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