Re: [code] [textadept] Bug: can't access ".." in curses open file dialog

From: Joshua Krämer <>
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2014 20:08:47 +0200

2014-06-24 16:01 GMT+02:00, Robert Gieseke <>:
> In lists, scrolling is limited to the actually selectable lines below
> the list header. If lines aren't currently shown more items are loaded
> when pressing 'down' on the last line. The limiting is a new feature, so
> there might be a bug though …
> Is it jumping to the beginning of the line or the actually the end?
> In the former case this is the intended behaviour.

In a folder with 159 items (it shows "160", maybe ".." is counted
also?), I pressed the down key several times, until the cursor was at
the beginning of the last line, which reads "[..] (141 more items
....". See the following image:

I pressed the down key again. The cursor then jumped to the end of
this same line. See the following image:

I pressed the down key again, but nothing happened.

The same behaviour can be observed in every folder with hidden entries.

Kind regards,

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